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Tree Pose
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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Yoga and Food , cooking with Awareness

I realized while at cooking school how much my years of yoga training and teaching made a difference in my awareness of the food I shop for , prepare , share and eat..
The intensity at chef school put me in a place of having to really examine what role food has in my life and others.
On a basic level food and cooking together as been the bond , in our family for over 32 years. Beyond that bond I now look at food as a way to bring community together. From teaching a "newbie" the joys of cooking a home cooked meal.. to seeing a child light up the first time they stir! The joys ( and sometimes frustrations) of searching out ingredients , finding a new product that I have never worked with and producing a wonderful , memorable meal is very , very rewarding. To me the process of preparing a meal is very similar to yoga ... awareness,  focus, physical acuity, all come into play.
Next time you cook or eat, alone or with others.. take some time to stop, breath, smell, taste and enjoy the joy of your meal!

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